• For each transformed believer to live their lives as “Agents of Transformation” and not “Secret Agents.”
  • For each transformed believer to proactively serve God with confidence; while sahring their faith with boldness and passion.
  • For each transformed believer to aggressively strive to go to the “Next Level” of growth.

Taking Responisibility of our God Given Purpose

  • Trusting in Lord through HIS Word and Revelation Knowledge, to bring HIS Kingdom to pass in the lives of his people.
  • Accepting the challenge of allowing transformation to manifest in our lives through submitted obedience to the work of God.
  • By making sure that each transformed believer understands their specific role in service and suppport to the Lord in a spirit of excellence.
  • Increasing our prayer and fasting life (to edify the spirit and decrease the strength of your flesh.)
  • Asking God what HIS Good-Given purpse is our lives and “looking” for the answer.
  • Studying the Word of God on a daily basis.
  • Intentionally developing positive and meaningful relationships.